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These tires have remarkable grip thanks to the ideal distribution of pressure in the contact patch, and excellent comfort due to increased useful flexing zone. TRX tires are built in the authentic molds and are available in many sizes for European and US autos. Quantities are limited and current stock on hand may be available, but future production is not guaranteed. The invention of the TRX tires by Michelin in 1975 permitted a more even distribution of tension in the whole tire casing, which is where the name of TR standing for “Tension Repartie” ("distributed tension") comes from. The Michelin TRX won renown in Formula 1 racing with Renault and Prost and in the world rally championship on the Audi Quattro, 205 Turbo 16 and R5 Turbo. For the first time, the tire and its rim complemented one another perfectly, working as a single unit. The rim underwent a fundamental transformation, the essential characteristic of which was a flatter, lower flange. This new design of the rim and tire bead resulted in a gradual curvature of the casing, without the "S" shaped flexing inherent in traditional designs. Thanks to this innovative construction, the TRX tire offers better directional stability and makes a great contribution to the active safety of the vehicle, thanks to its exceptional handling close to the limit, especially when cornering. The seventies saw the dawn of increased awareness of the importance of vehicle safety. In many countries it became compulsory to wear seat belts and speed limits were introduced on main roads and motorways. For the tire, this led to improvements in grip, more precise steering, increased stability and better levels of comfort, reducing driver fatigue on longer journeys.
Brand Michelin
Weight (lbs) 0.0000
Sidewall Style Blackwall
Tube Type or Tubeless Tubeless
Tire Construction Radial
Michelin TRX
Michelin TRX Michelin TRX Michelin TRX Michelin TRX

Product Questions & Answers

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Will these Michelin TRX radials go on my 1984 Mustang GT with the factory mags?
By Kelly on August 07, 2016

If you do in fact have the metric wheel option, then this tire in the 220/55VR390 size is the typical replacement.

Coker Tire Support on August 08, 2016
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bought a car with metric trx tires , how do I determine how old they are ?? car is 1983 but tires look good with lots of tread , but car only has a total of 34k miles
By Peter on April 03, 2017

On the sidewall of the tire is a DOT code, near the edge of the wheel. It will end with digits, denoting the week and year of manufacture. If it is 4 digits, then that will indicate a manufacture date after the year 2000, as the week will be 2 digits, and year is 2 digits. If it is only 3 digits, then it was made prior to 2000 and the date will only give a two digit week and 1 digit year ending in...()

Coker Tire Support on April 04, 2017
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When were these TRX tires manufactured (year)? I am looking at the 220/55 R 390. Were these made by Michelin?
By Thomas Bierster on January 14, 2018

Our rotating stock is generally between 6-12 months old. These are new production tires and not considered NOS. All of the Michelin vintage line is manufactured by Michelin in Europe.

Coker Tire Support on January 15, 2018
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