M&H Drag Slick | 10.5/28.5-15

M&H Racemaster 10.5/28.5-15 bias ply drag slicks offers a wide variety of fitments on high performance street cars and drag cars. These M&H Drag Slicks feature a medium #704 compound. If you're looking for a 28.5/10.5-15 drag tire, this is an excellent choice. M&H Drag Tires are known for incredible traction and performance. Made in USA!
Tire Series Drag Slick
Brand M&H Racemaster
Product Size 10.5/28.5-15
Tire Construction Bias Ply
Sidewall Style Blackwall
Rim Diameter (in) 15
Overall Diameter (in) 29
Section Width (in) 13.2
Tread Width (in) 10.50
Rim Width (in) 10
Drag Tire Type Track | Slicks
Traction Compound Hard Compound
DOT Certified Track Use Only
Drag Slicks Sizes 10.5/28.5-15
M&H Drag Slick | 10.5/28.5-15
M&H Drag Slick | 10.5/28.5-15

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