M&H Bias Ply Front Runner | 4.5/28-18




These M&H 4.5/28-18 bias ply Front Runner tires offer light weight and reduced rolling resistance, as well as fitment for late model cars with large front brakes. M&H Racemaster engineered the first purpose built drag racing tire back in the 1950s and still makes highly competitive tires for multiple drag racing and street applications. If you're looking for 28.0/4.5-18 front runners, these are an excellent choice! Made in USA!
Brand M&H Racemaster
Product Size 4.5/28-18
Tire Construction Bias Ply
Sidewall Style Blackwall
Rim Diameter 18
Overall Diameter (in) 28.02
Section Width (in) 5.8
Tread Width 4.50
Rim Width (in) 4
Drag Tire Type Front Runner
DOT Certified DOT Certified
Drag Front Sizes 4.5/28-18
Circumference 88.0
M&H Bias Ply Front Runner | 4.5/28-18
M&H Bias Ply Front Runner | 4.5/28-18 M&H Bias Ply Front Runner | 4.5/28-18 M&H Bias Ply Front Runner | 4.5/28-18

Product Questions & Answers

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My car is 2006 Zo6 Chevrolet Corvette will I need innner tubes for this tires and what about the air pressure sensors in the tires that monotors tire pressure.
By Ron Byas on July 09, 2017

These tires will not fit your OE wheels, but will not require a tube, either. The TPMS may need to be disabled as well if you plan to run racing tires on this car.

Coker Tire Support on July 10, 2017
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I have a Dodge Demon . Can I run these tires on the street as long as o don’t go fast around turns ? Thanks
By Gary on August 30, 2018

These are DOT approved and could be used on the street. If you are putting together a drag setup we just suggest that you pair these with bias ply rears as it is not recommended to mix bias plys and radials.

Coker Tire Support on August 30, 2018
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