Antique Cycle Clincher

Antique Cycle Clincher Tires

Early motorcycles used a clincher rim, a unique bead design that is no longer common for any type of tire or wheel. This design lasted from the early 1900's into the 1920's on certain bikes, and restoring one of these bikes is often a challenging process. Parts availability is scarce, but we've taken the guesswork out of tires and wheels for early motorcycles. We offer a wide range of clincher tires and wheels, making it a little easier to restore your vintage bike. 


Hard to Find Clincher Tires

The most common clincher size is 28x3, which features a 22-inch rim. We offer other early motorcycle sizes as well. Classic brands such as Firestone Non Skid, Smooth tread and button treads with brands like Coker and G&J. Coker Tire Company offers an incredible selection of antique motorcycle tires. Clincher motorcycle tires are available in premium rubber compounds in all white and black, and in dozens of authentic tread and sidewall designs for antique motorcycles.