15x8 Igniter | 5x4.5" bolt | 3.75" backspace | Gray finish




If you're looking for aluminum vintage car wheels with some nostalgia built into them, Rocket Racing Wheels offers an incredible line of nostalgic themed aluminum aftermarket wheels for hot rods, racers and muscle cars. At the dawn of the hot rod age, a handful of innovative gear heads in hopped-up roadsters streaked across Southern California's dry lakebeds in a quest for speed and glory. Now the Salt Flats style that started with those early hot rods has come full circle. The Rocket Igniter is precision-crafted from A356 aluminum. The Rocket Igniter Series revives the traditional hot rod styling inspired by hot rods and drag cars from the 1950s and '60s. Mix or match the Rocket Igniter Series with the Rocket Launcher Series wheels for the perfect big and little combo on your hot rod, muscle car, or vintage drag car. This wheel ships with a Gray painted center with machined outer. They are also available in a magnesium look As-Cast finish or with gleaming fully polished aluminum finish.

SKU R33-586537
Brand Rocket Racing Wheels
15x8 Igniter | 5x4.5" bolt | 3.75" backspace | Gray finish
15x8 Igniter | 5x4.5" bolt | 3.75" backspace | Gray finish

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