Coker Does It Once Again!

We continue to expand our expertise and offerings in the Collector Tire and Wheel market with the introduction of our new service to use your hubs and either provide new felloe bands for you or we can use yours if you have them. We also make new rims and felloe bands right here in our Machine Shop!

Wooden Wheel Pricing

All wheels are custom hand-crafted. Pricing may vary so call for details.

Wooden Wheel Image
Model T Ford
(Item # 99500)
  • Non Demountable Rim
  • Round Felloe w/Oval Spokes
(Item # 99501)
  • Up To 27" Rims
(Item # 99502)
  • Up To 28" Rims
Specialty Wheels
(Item # 99503)
  • Special wheels with large felloes or large spokes, or that require additional machining for hubs.

Call for more info about Coker Tires Wooden Wheels

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