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Our Bias Look Radial Tires Offer The Best of Both Worlds!

Way back in the early 1990’s, we had the wild idea to build a modern radial tire with a wide whitewall. This was the Coker Classic Radial. It was well received in the automotive hobby, as bias ply tires were previously the only option for anything wider than a one-inch whitewall. Our goal was to manufacture a tire that offered the vintage style sidewall with the ride quality, tread wear and safety that comes with radial construction. We’ve come a long way since then, and we’ve expanded product lines, added new brands and discovered new technology in an effort to create modern tires that do not distract from your car’s classic appearance.

Wide Whitewall Radials | The Original Coker Classic

Coker Classic wide whitewall radial tires are one of our most popular product lines. Coker Classic radial tires are available in several P-Metric radial sizes, including 205/75R14, 235/75R15 and more.

We do not consider this tire a "bias look radial" because of its design and sizing configuration, but it was the world's first wide whitewall radial tire, and it inspired many new products, including the bias look radials you'll see below. 

What is a BIAS LOOK RADIAL tire?

You won't find the term "Bias Look Radial" in an official tire glossary. It's a term that we made up to accurately promote our line of tires that feature the appearance and sizing configuration of a vintage bias ply tire, while also featuring the internal construction of a modern radial tire. We have also used the term Nostalgia Radial, or Bias Profile Radial, but the Bias Look Radial name is the one that best suits our products.

All of our Bias Look Radial tires feature vintage style sizing, such as 670R15, instead of modern P-Metric radial sizing, like 205/75R15. We did that to make it easy to identify, but the high aspect ratio (tall sidewall) would make for a very unusual P-Metric size, as the tires have the same narrow tread profile and tall sidewall of a bias ply tire. So, if you see one of our tires with a size like 560R15, 600R16 or even 475/500R19, that means it's a Bias Look Radial.

These tires offer direct fitment for passenger cars and light trucks from 1928 through 1974 and beyond, so take a look at our Bias Look Radial tire selection and decide what’s right for your collector vehicle.

American Classic 

Debuted at the 2013 SEMA Show, the American Classic Bias Look Radial tire racked up some major industry awards and proved the concept as one of our best-selling products. It also offered inspiration for additional sizes and styles in our Bias Look Radial fitments.

The American Classic Bias Look Radial is available in eleven sizes to fit 13-, 14- and 15-inch wheels, fitting cars built from 1949 through the mid 1960’s. as well as Ford Model A sizes in 19 and 21 inch fitments.

The tires feature radial construction, and a vintage bias ply appearance that fools even the most seasoned car enthusiasts. The American Classic Bias Look Radial is available in blackwall, wide whitewall, and four sizes with a one-inch whitewall for your early 1960’s classic car. 

Coker Classic

The Coker Classic 16-inch radial was our first tire that combined modern radial construction with bias ply style sizing, making it easy for customers to cross reference the original size for their vehicle. This tire blurs the line between bias ply and radial, thanks to a squared-off shoulder, narrow tread pattern and tall sidewall.

Coker Classic bias look radial tires offer direct fitment for cars built from 1935 through 1948, as well as light trucks through the mid 1950’s. Coker Classic 16-inch radials are available in blackwall and wide whitewall, and the five available sizes gives hot rodders plenty of options for big-n-little combinations. 

Excelsior Stahl Sport Radial

For enthusiasts looking for some European racing influence, the Excelsior Stahl Sport Radial is the perfect fit. We designed the Stahl Sport Radial to fit pre-World War II automobiles and light trucks, offering them in rim fitments from 16 to 21 inches. You can expect better handling, longer tread life and more stable ride quality by swapping from vintage style bias ply tires to Excelsior radials.

We offer popular sizes for early Fords, like 600R16, and many other sizes if you're looking for something a little bigger, or if you're looking to mix and match for a staggered hot rod fitment.

The narrow tread pattern and tall profile makes them a great choice for restored cars using stock or reproduction wheels, and the wide range of sizes makes them a favorite for hot rodders who want the race-inspired big-n-little look. These tires fit a range of vehicles from around 1928 through 1948.

Firestone Wide Oval Radial 

Continuing the timeline of tire technology, 1967 saw the introduction of Firestone Wide Oval tires, a revolutionary concept that involved a wider contact patch and shorter sidewalls for added traction and stability. These tires were OE options on cars like the Camaro, Chevelle, Corvette, Mustang and many more popular muscle cars and pony cars of the late '60s and early '70s. While these tires featured a shorter 70 series sidewall and wider tread than its predecessors, it still lacked the comfortable ride quality of a radial tire.

We offered the original style bias ply version of the Firestone Wide Oval for many years, and introduced the Firestone Wide Oval Radial a few years ago. This product line features authentic sidewall markings and tread styling, and the radial construction provides an instant improvement in ride quality, handling and traction. Available with a redline or raised white letters, you won’t find a better tire for your muscle car.

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