• 1.Do I have to be home for my items to be delivered?
  • 2.Do you charge tax on orders?
  • 3.Do you have an outlet near me?
  • 4.How do I get FREE mounting and balancing?

FAQ Topics

Shipping & Pickup

  • 1.Do I have to be home for my items to be delivered?
  • No. If you are unable to be home for delivery, the FedEx representative will leave your package in a safe place so that it’s available when you arrive home. Please be on the look out for the tires or packages. If the driver feels that it would be unsafe to leave the package without anyone being home, the packages will be brought back to the FedEx facility and you will be contacted to arrange pickup.
  • 2.How do I get FREE mounting and balancing?
  • We offer free mounting and balancing when you order a set of both tires and wheels on the same order. A vintage tire specialist then does the mounting and balancing at our warehouse and ships them out ready to go on your car.

General Questions

  • 1.I ordered a catalog two weeks ago and have not seen it yet. Did you get my request?
  • Please understand that our catalogs are sent out bulk mail and can take 3 to 4 weeks to arrive. If you submitted your request online or over the phone, chances are we have it in our database, but it just hasn’t reached your house yet. Our entire catalog is also instantly available online by searching our Online Store, or by download at CokerTire.com.

Tire Questions

  • 1. Are all radial whitewall tires the same?
  • Our tires are designed and built from the start to be a whitewall radial. Our tires come from the mold with the whitewall built in; we do not add it after the tire is made.