Bryan Fuller is a well known hot rodder and motorcycle builder. He's been on TV, he's built a lot of killer vehicles and he always has a presence at the SEMA Show. This year, he has a few vehicles on display, and one of them struck a chord with us. It's a 1934 Ford sedan delivery, and it's in the OTC Tools booth in the North Hall. Right around the mid 1930's OTC (originally known as Owatonna Tool Company) sold direct to customers, using sedan delivery vehicles with custom display boards to showcase their products. The company grew, and eventually grew out of this grass roots sales approach, but it never forgot the humble beginnings, even after being added into the Bosch brands fold in 2012. To commemorate the company's history, OTC commissioned Bryan Fuller to build a 1934 Ford sedan delivery to replicate some of those early delivery vehicles. Bryan Fuller Bryan Fuller rarely builds anything "stock", so the idea behind this build is to pay tribute to the old days at OTC, but have a fun, reliable hot rod. To do so, the car has been lowered, and it features a simple small block Ford engine combination. When the car arrived at Bryan's shop in Atlanta, Georgia, it had already been given the street rod treatment many years ago. It already had a set of 15-inch Hot Rod Wire wheels on it, but the generic blackwall radial tires had to go. He opted for a set of our American Classic bias look radial tires, sized at 5.6R15 and 7.60R15 for the perfect big-and-little rubber rake. The car debuted in an unfinished condition--the satin paint (which is actually tinted sealer) isn't the final finish, and it wasn't intended to have the engine or interior finished at the time of the 2016 SEMA Show. Next year, the car will be finished and it will be back in the OTC booth--we'll catch up with Bryan again and see what this utilitarian hot rod looks like a year from now. Bryan Fuller Bryan Fuller Bryan Fuller