We did it! We survived the 2016 Hemmings Motor News Great Race presented by Hagerty! The racers crossed the finish line this afternoon in Moline, Illinois, much to the delight of thousands of spectators, and of course, a great network of racers and support crews. These guys and gals are fully committed to having fun, driving hard and making it to the finish, so supporting their fellow racers is just a part of being in the Great Race family. After the scores were tallied, it actually ended up being a tie between the teams of Pike/Hadskey and Reeder/Stone, both past Grand Champions, and both driving 1916 Hudsons. The Great Race scoring staff had to go to two levels of tie breakers to determine that G.R. Pike and Bobby Hadskey had won the 2016 Great Race! The Coker Tire team of Gary and Jean Ann Martin won the Expert Division, and finished third overall, but we'd like to add that the Martins actually had the best "raw score", which is the actual number of seconds they were away from a perfect zero. The 1916 Hudsons have a much better age factor, which gets multiplied to their raw score, due to the age of the vehicles. We're so proud of our Coker teams for finishing the Great Race in such fine fashion and we're also very happy to see Jean Ann Martin take home the Tom McRae Spirit of the Event award! That's all for this year's Great Race--enjoyed a few shots from today, and check out www.greatrace.com for additional photos and information! 160626_GR16_0058 160626_GR16_0213 160626_GR16_0341 160626_GR16_0464 160626_GR16_0487 160626_GR16_0722 160626_GR16_1006 copy