Firestone Dirt Track Tires Sometimes we get caught up in the daily hustle of selling tires, and forget about all of the cool stuff that was created specifically so hot rodders could put a personal touch on their machines. One of the coolest products that have passed through our development department and onto our customers is the Firestone Dirt Track line. They're distinct, they're old school and they're the perfect fit for a traditional hot rod...that's why WE love 'em. Here are some reasons you should love them... First off, we developed these tires from original Firestone drawings. That should really hit home with the period-correct world of traditional hot rodding. We took a vintage design and basically built it exactly how it was built in the good ol' days. We updated a few items while creating our own molds, but we kept the good stuff, and made the tires safe for everyday driving. These tires are made in the USA and they're are DOT approved, so you can hit the highway with confidence. Firestone Dirt Track Tires One of the coolest aspects of the Firestone Dirt Track line is that we expanded it to fit larger wheels, all the way up to 19-inch diameters. That means you can use some of those oddball tall-n-skinny high clearance wheels, or pick from our selection of Hot Rod Steel and Hot Rod Wire wheels, which are available in large diameters. Know what else is cool? We heard from a number of hot rodders that the 11.00-16 sizing was a missing item in our product line, so we dug up an NOS tire and made all of the measurements to build a new mold. Look forward to seeing this new tire soon! Firestone Dirt Track Tires We love to see Firestone Dirt Track tires on hot rods, so we always snap a few pictures so we can show you guys how cool they look! By far, one of our favorite examples is Kevin King's '32 Ford Vicky, which rolls on a set of 5.00-17 and 8.20-19 Firestone Dirt Track tires, wrapped around a set of our Hot Rod Steel wheels. With gloss black powder coat and '40 Ford Standard caps, the look is outstanding, and it really puts the finishing touch on an already awesome hot rod! You can read more about Kevin King's Deuce in the August 2013 issue of Street Rodder magazine, which should hit the stands on June 4th, 2013. Kevin nailed the stance and the tire and wheel combination on his hot rod, so we just thought you'd like to see it and learn a little more about our Firestone Dirt Track tires![products]