People give us feedback all the time, so it's easy for us to see how our tires are put to use. Some folks race, some folks do the car show routine, and some people simply drive the wheels off their old car (not literally, of course). One particular customer is Bob Simonds, owner of a 1966 Alfa Romeo, and he likes to show his sporty roadster at various shows, but also likes to drive it frequently. Last week, Bob made the trip to Lexington, Kentucky, to participate in the Alfa Romeo Owners Club (AROC) National Convention. Part of the festivities was the Concours, where Bob's car placed 3rd in his division, which was packed with a great deal of highly-restored '66-69 Alfa Romeo Duettos and 1750 Spiders. He says the 3rd place finish is a high honor and it wouldn't have been possible without the OEM wheels and the period correct styling of the Vredestein tires! He gave us a peek at the award, and it's way cool...he even pulled up to the shop in his Alfa Romeo! DSC_5500 DSC_5503 Bob keeps two sets of tires and wheels for his car--the combination for show is the OEM wheels and hubcaps with Vredestein 165R15 tires he got from Coker Tire. For everyday driving (shown), he switches to a set of Dayton wire wheels (also available at Coker!) which are wider than his originals. The wider contact patch increases stability and helps keep the car glued to the pavement, so we don't blame him from switching back and forth! Big thanks to Bob for his business, and congratulations on the award! [products]