Long before Mike Wolfe took the TV world by storm with History Channel's "American Pickers" program, he was a wheeler and dealer of anything old. We know another guy who dabbles in vintage goods, especially ones that have wheels (or more specifically...tires). Mike and Corky have been friends for quite some time, and they share a great interest in vintage motorcycles. Mike also has a thing for old cars, and recently acquired a 1936 Ford panel truck. The Flathead V8 powered truck had received some hot rod modifications, but the aftermarket parts just didn't seem to jive. After a phone call with Corky to express his concerns, the boys struck up a deal to bring the truck to Chattanooga and give it the Coker and Honest Charley treatment. The goal was to make it GO faster, STOP sooner and make it a little more fun to slide behind the wheel and go for a ride. [products] Mike-Wolfe-American-Picker-Coker-2 Mike-Wolfe-American-Picker-Coker-3 Keith Brown tackled the job with help from Jonathan Myren and of course, a few words of advice from Corky. The guys went to work, using parts from Honest Charley Speed Shop to correct some of the truck's issues. The guys updated the ignition system, re-jetted the carburetor and upgraded to disc brakes (using adapters to retain the truck's original wide-five wheels. We also swapped out the ring and pinion to work better with the T-5 overdrive manual transmission. The truck was already rolling on a set of our Firestone Deluxe Champion blackwall tires, so we didn't have to touch 'em. Take a look at this video of Mike Wolfe and Corky Coker going for the first test drive in the newly revitalized panel truck. Mike-Wolfe-American-Picker-Coker-1