...flock together. And that was exactly the case today, as the Mockingbird Run came through Chattanooga, Tennessee and stopped at Coker Tire Company. These guys and gals are dedicated Thunderbird enthusiasts, and they braved some hard rain to get here, and braved it again as soon as they pulled into the Coker compound. Perry Anthony puts this run together, and has a Thunderbird of his own! Our parking lot couldn't contain all of the cars, so we had to park several of them over at our neighbor's shop, Honest Charley Garage. After everyone got onto our big front porch, Jess Hoodenpyle gave them a brief introduction to the company, and told them about the tour they were about to receive. The huge crowd of T-Bird owners filtered into the lobby and went on a tour of our facility. We were able to gather most of them together for a group photo in our Museum, and we grabbed some shots of the cars as they rolled in and got situated. Take a look!