Model T World Tour Remember last month when we told you about the magnificent Model T World Tour? We gladly sponsored this epic car journey, and so far, Dirk Regter has traveled 30,000 miles on a set of our Firestone 30x3-1/2 tires! Dirk and his wife Trudy have around 30,000 more miles to go, and we're wishing them the best of luck. Earlier this week, they stopped by our headquarters here in Chattanooga, Tennessee, so we snapped a few pictures and gave them a warm welcome. Model T World Tour They are somewhere around half way through this trip, having traveled from their home in The Netherlands to the southern most tip of Africa. Then, they shipped the 1915 Model T to the United States, where they started in Houston, Texas, and headed to the West Coast. They would eventually go into Canada and then circle back into the States. Their U.S. portion of the trip will be complete in a few days, and they will go home for the Holidays. Model T World Tour Model T World Tour In 2014, the couple will fly back to drive their Model T into Mexico and then to the southern most tip of South America. The following year, the car will be shipped to New Zealand, where they will begin the final (and possibly most grueling) leg of their tour. They will drive across Australia, then have the car shipped to Asia, where the couple will drive for countless hours to return to their home in The Netherlands. Model T World Tour Model T World Tour Dirk estimates a total of 60,000 miles on this world wide journey, and we love the fact that they are doing it on our tires and that they're doing it for a great cause. The Model T touring car is essentially stock, aside from the 12-volt charging system. We wish Dirk and Trudy the best of luck on the Model T World Tour. You can follow along with their trip and learn more about their charity at Model T World Tour Model T World Tour Model T World Tour Model T World Tour [products]