New Phoenix Race Tires Sizes Ready for the 2019 Drag Racing Season

While Coker Tire's main customer base has been collector car enthusiasts, we have a great following in the drag racing market with our Phoenix Race Tires brand. These tires are born from Firestone heritage, and have the latest compounds, as well as old favorites from the Firestone Firehawk days. The Phoenix Race Tires product line includes more than 20 sizes to fit all types of drag racing applications, from the weekend warrior to the NHRA Super Stock champions. With the increased popularity of "small tire racing" and "no prep drag racing", we're proud to introduce several new bias ply slick options. First is the 10.5/28.0-15 (also known as a 28x10.5 tire). This is the quintessential "small tire" size, and is used on everything from street cars to all out grudge cars. They fit perfectly under the back of Fox Body Mustangs, G-Body cars, S10s and more. We also offer the 10.5/28.0-15 in a stiff sidewall version, as well as a "W" version, which is just a little wider.

In addition to the conventional, stiff sidewall and wide (W) 10.5/28.0-15 tires, we have introduced a new 28x10.5 tire to fit 17-inch wheels. The new 10.5/28.0-17 slicks offer fitment for late model muscle cars with large rear brakes that cannot run conventional 15-inch drag style wheels. We will also be offering a 9.0/28.0-17 bias ply slick, which features a wide range of fitments because of its narrow tread width. All of the new small tire options from Phoenix Race Tires are made in the USA from brand new molds, and are sure to be the answer to your traction needs. Take a look at the new options and you'll find that the Phoenix tire is priced lower than the competion. If you already have a tire brand preference, take advantage of the lower price, and give Phoenix Race Tires a try!