Walking the aisles at SEMA 2016 is overwhelming to say the least. You'll see hot rods, customs, muscle cars and just about everything in between, so it's easy to glaze over some of the cool stuff. On that same token, you really have to dig deep to see the entire show and scope out all the cool stuff. One of the cool spots is the "Art Walk" a special area that features automotive artists, including this year's featured artist, Ed Tillrock from . His pencil sketches are out of this world, and as it turns out, his son is quite the hot rodder. Ed Tillrock III has built a number of hot rods, but recently put the finishing touches on a 1929 Dodge Brothers Senior Six Sport Coupe, named "Sinister 8". This distinct hot rod has a bunch of period correct modifications, making it an excellent traditional hot rod. SEMA 2016 The car rides on a 1932 Ford chassis, and features complete drive train from a 1956 Buick, including a 322ci Nailhead engine, equipped with a rare Martin intake manifold and four two-barrel carburetors. The car is packed with hand-crafted details, slick paint and beautiful upholstery. Our favorite part is the rolling stock, as the car rides on a set of Firestone skins, sized at 5.00-16 and 7.60-16. The fronts runners are Firestone Dirt Track ribbed tires, and the rears are a pair of our Firestone Indy half-tread race tires. We love the fact that Ed hand painted the Firestone letters, adding another level of detail to the car. This tire combination is mounted to a set of Hot Rod Steel wheels, sporting '40 Ford V8 caps. This combination made for an excellent stance, and it's hard to argue with the color combination, and the long list of traditional details inside and out. SEMA 2016 In terms of body work, Ed pulled out all the stops, with a chopped top, slick paint and a modified 1934 Pontiac grille shell, fit with a hand-fabricated stainless steel grille insert. To finish off this high end traditional hot rod, Ed Tillrock III enlisted the help of Ed's Auto Interior in Villa Park, Illinois. One of the coolest part of this unique hot rod is that Ed Tillrock II used it as a platform for some of his featured artwork on the SEMA Show's graphic designs. Check out Ed Tillrock III's 1929 Dodge Brothers Sport Coupe, and be sure to visit www.edtillrock.com for more information on the featured artist of SEMA 2016. SEMA 2016 SEMA 2016 SEMA 2016 SEMA 2016