140927_Somernites_0059 We love events that involved DRIVING your collector vehicle, and that's why we support events such as the Somernites Power Cruise. It's an annual event that is the crown jewel of the monthly Somernites Cruise events that span from April to October. The Power Cruise is always the fourth Saturday of September, and it brings in hot rodders from all over the place! Our involvement in the Somernites Power Cruise includes being one of the starting points was Chattanooga, Tennessee, as well as a Friday night kickoff party and cruise in. For Friday night's event, we offered FREE food, compliments of Coker video guy Jason White, and then Saturday, we joined the fun and headed north on Highway 27 with a destination of downtown Somerset, Kentucky. Keep reading to check out our favorite photos from a fun day on the road! 140926_Somernites_0196 140926_Somernites_0199 140927_Somernites_0007 140927_Somernites_0099 140927_Somernites_0029 140927_Somernites_0036 140927_Somernites_0091 140927_Somernites_0042 140927_Somernites_0050 140927_Somernites_0118 140927_Somernites_0130 140927_Somernites_0151 140927_Somernites_0141 140927_Somernites_0157 140927_Somernites_0170 140927_Somernites_0171 140927_Somernites_0154 140927_Somernites_0177 140927_Somernites_0192 [products]