The vintage motorcycle market is a worldwide sensation that continues to grow with popularity, and Coker Tire is at the forefront of the market with a number of exciting products that are perfect for restored or customized motorcycles. Coker Tire is proud to announce the introduction of a new line of Treadwell Track Master motorcycle tires, geared toward classic and customized motorcycles, utilizing a standard 500-16 size.

The Treadwell Track Master product line features a wide range of fitment, as it is offered in 500-16 sizing. This fits classic American motorcycles, from the 1950’s through the modern era. The tread pattern offers excellent highway performance, and the shoulder design provides a vintage look. The zig-zag center tread design and fat sidewall make these tires authentic for Harley Davidson, Indian and other American motorcycle restorations, and they also offer a cool, custom look for custom Japanese and European bikes.

The tire measures 25.75 inches in diameter and features a section width of 4.75 inches when inflated on the suggested 16x3-inch rim. Treadwell Track Master motorcycle tires feature an H speed rating (130 mph), and the four-ply bias ply construction is authentic for most vintage motorcycles. The tire is now in stock, and it is priced at $171. This is a tube type tire, and Coker Tire offers high quality tubes with the proper TR4 metal valve stem. If you’d like more information Coker Tire’s new Treadwell Track Master motorcycle tire, you can call toll free at 1-800-251-6336 to speak with a tire expert, or you can check out the product page here: