Center Cap Sizing | How to Determine What Caps Fit Your Wheels

Center Cap SizeCenter Cap Size

We offer many styles of steel wheels, ranging from true OE reproductions to custom designs for hot rods and customs. With the various styles and sizes available, it's easy to be confused, so we wanted to assemble a quick guide to our steel wheels so you can quickly determine what size center caps are needed. Keep in mind if you buy a set of wheels from a swap meet, you'll need to measure the center area for yourself to ensure proper fitment, but we have many center cap sizes to fit, so we should be able to accomodate just about any OE or aftermarket steel wheel.

Some enthusiasts like the looks of a full wheel cover, while others love the simplistic appearance of a "dog dish" caps, which are sometimes referred to as "poverty caps" because they were often used on stripped down, base model cars. Steel wheels and dog dish caps offer a cool look for muscle cars, and we have a wide variety of options to utilize original caps, or our modern reproductions. Let's take a look at the various wheels and measurements to get you one step closer on your project. 

Center Cap SizeCenter Cap Size

Hot Rod Steel Wheel Caps

Our Hot Rod Steel wheels are modeled after the famous 1940 to 1948 Ford passenger car wheel. We offer them in original style 16-inch sizing, but in many other sizes as well. The wheels are made right here in the USA and feature heavy gauge steel.

We manufacture them with multi-lug fitment, meaning there are 10 lug holes instead of only 5. Hot Rod Steel wheels accept 1940 through 1948 Ford center caps, and we also sell high quality reproductions to fit the 8.25-inch center. Our "Solid" steel wheels also accept the same size center cap design.

Smoothie Wheel Caps

Our Smoothie wheels are a slightly different take on the standard steel wheel. These wheels feature a bulge around the center area, offering a unique look. These wheels most commonly use a Baby Moon center cap, but we offer several other choices for Ford, Chevrolet and universal applications. 

Smoothie wheels feature a multi-lug design with 10 holes instaed of 5. The center section measures 7.5 inches on 14 through 16 inch Smoothie wheels. For 17 and 18-inch Smoothie wheels, you must use a 7-inch cap, like those found on a Chevy Rallye wheel. Our Artillery wheels also use the 7.5-inch Smoothie style cap sizing. 

Center Cap SizeCenter Cap Size
Center Cap SizeCenter Cap Size

Chevy Rallye Center Caps

Chevy Rallye wheels were introduced in 1967 to give certain Chevy models an alternative to standard steel wheels or full wheel covers. The Rallye wheel came in many sizes from 1967 to 1982, but one dimension stayed the same--the center cap. That means caps from a '67 Camaro wheel can snap onto a '78 Corvette wheel. The center measures 7 inches in diameter.

OE and reproduction caps will fit our Rallye wheels, which range from 14x5 inches all the way up to 18x8 inches. Most of our Rallye wheels feature a direct fit 5 lug bolt pattern, but some larger sizes (like the one pictured) are offered in multi-lug fitments.

OE Ford & GM Steel Wheel Caps

One of the most popular applications for the "dog dish" look is with our OE steel wheels. We offer these wheels in all four popular 5 lug bolt patterns (5x4.5, 5x4.75, 5x5 and 5x5.5 inches), as well as a 6 lug pattern for vintage trucks. All of our OE steel wheels feature a single, direct fit bolt pattern for authenticity. These wheels feature the original style center, which accepts 10-1/8-inch center caps.

Our OE Ford and OE GM steel wheels (no matter the bolt pattern) accept original hubcaps, or they can utilize our reproduction caps. You can expect a nice, tight fit with our wheels, ensuring your center caps will stay in place. 

Center Cap SizeCenter Cap Size
Center Cap SizeCenter Cap Size

Mopar Standard Steel Wheel Caps

While Mopar and Ford applications share the 5x4.5-inch bolt pattern, they do not use the same style of wheel. Mopar Standard steel wheels feature a unique appearance that uses a smaller, 8-3/4-inch center cap.

We offer Mopar Standard wheels in a variety of sizes, all of which accept original style 8-3/4-inch Mopar "poverty caps". We also sell reproductions of Mopar caps, which offer a nice clean look for muscle cars, sleeper builds, drag cars and much more. 

Hot Rod Wire Wheel Caps

Our Hot Rod Wire wheels are modeled after '30s Ford wheels, and feature center cap fitment for 1932 through 1935 Ford passenger cars.

These wheels accept original Ford caps, or our reproduction center caps that have a 5-3/4-inch back diameter. Note that the wheel does not have retaining "nibs", as the caps are manufactured with retainers built in. 

Center Cap SizeCenter Cap Size

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