Low Rider Tires | Lowrider Tires

Lowriders have been around for a long time, and the level of detail and creativity continues to rise with each new build. Though low rider builders have changed the game with new build techniques, one thing remains the same: the tires. Narrow whitewall tires have always been the preferred tire for any lowrider enthusiast, whether they cruise around in a ’48 Chevy or a ’80 Monte Carlo. The many styles of lowriders differ greatly, but the goal is always the same—make it low and give a style all your own. Coker Tire knows that finding the right tires for a buildup is tough, so it carries a wide variety of tires to work for many applications, including lowriders.

From the classic Firestone bias ply tires, made for fat fendered cars of the ‘40s to the very popular Premium Sport tire, for cars that roll on 13- and 14-inch wire wheels, Coker has plenty of good stuff for lowrider enthusiasts. The Premium Sport tires sized at 520-13 feature a whitewall width of 5/8-inch or 1-1/4-inch, while the 520-14 sizes are available with either a 5/8-inch or 1-3/8-inch whitewall. Premium Sports are constructed in bias ply form, and feature a narrow, four-inch tread width for just the right profile. Coker Tire offers these tires for $125 each!

If you’re looking for something a bomb or a classic pickup truck, check out the many brands of conventional bias ply tires, like Firestone, BFGoodrich, U.S. Royal, Coker Classic and several more. You’ll find that each brand carries a wide variety of sizes and whitewall widths to match the style you want. Coker Tire also sells radial tires in many sizes and styles, if that’s the route you’re taking with your classic ride. Whether you plan to show or go Coker has the right tires (and wheels) for your lowrider project.