Introducing the New Michelin XAS 165VR15 N0 Rated Tire for Porsche 911

Michelin classic tiresMichelin classic tires

Coker Tire Company partners with Michelin to develop new products to fill voids in the marketplace. Coker Tire is proud to announce the availability of Michelin XAS 165VR15 radial tires that carry the prestigious N0 validation from Porsche, making them an approved tire for use on classic Porsche sports cars.

The Ultimate Tire for Your Classic Porsche 911

The Michelin XAS tire was original equipment on 1965 through 1967 Porsche 911, and were also used on Porsche 912 and 914 models. The 165R15 sizing on this new Michelin XAS N0 code tire can be used on many Porsche models, dating all the way back to the 356, which originally came with 560-15 bias ply tires. This would be a great upgrade for the original bias ply tires, while still honoring the Porsche performance legacy.

Constructed by Michelin’s esteemed craftsmen, this tire is designed for authenticity and performance. It features a V speed rating for safe service up to 149 miles per hour (240 kilometers per hour). This is a tubeless tire, but you may run a tube (SKU #85361) if your wheels require it. The tire features the famous asymmetrical tread pattern and all of the correct sidewall markings, including the N0 stamp on the sidewall.

This N0 (N zero) marking is assigned to the first version of a given tire design that was approved by Porsche. Later designs and refinements receive N1, N2 and so on. The testing process to receive Porsche’s N-rating approval involves several aspects: Speed Rating, Road Noise, Hydroplaning, Braking and Handling. The tire was designed from day one for classic Porsche sports cars.

Coker Tire now has these Michelin tires in stock in limited quantities. Another shipment is expected from Michelin soon, but you can be the first to buy these exclusive tires for your classic Porsche if you act now.

Michelin XAS Radial TireMichelin XAS Radial Tire

If you’d like more information on the new Michelin XAS N0 rated 165VR15 radial tires, our tire experts are awaiting your call. You can call 1-866-516-3215 to speak with one of our sales representatives or shop our complete Michelin product line, which includes many authentic Porsche sizes, by clicking here:

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