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Tire Brands

So, what does it mean to be to be world's leading supplier of collector tires and wheels? Coker Tire Company started in 1958 as a retail tire store in Tennessee. Harold Coker's passion for collector cars and his inside track to the tire business would pave the way as Coker began supplying collectors with the tires they needed to keep their classics on the road. It was a business opportunity, but more than that, it was his love for old cars and trucks that fueled the business. That passion continues today as Coker Tire Company has grown into an industry leader, supplying thousands of sizes and styles of collector tires and wheels all over the world. Antique vehicles, motorcycles, classics from the fifties, hot rods, street rods, military vehicles and the list goes on. If you’re passionate about your collector vehicle, we want to serve you.


The Brands You Know, the Styles You Love

Brand loyalty is something that is part of every car enthusiast’s DNA. Even if your preferences cross over the natural boundaries of Ford vs. Chevrolet, we know that brand heritage means a lot to you. That’s why we have spent the last 65 plus years trying to earn your trust and your business. Through these many years, we have developed relationships that allow us to manufacture tires with the original, old school brands and styling features. Brands like Firestone, BFGoodrich and US Royal are memorable in the minds of car enthusiasts around the United States, but our reach is even further with that, thanks to our Michelin, Dunlop, Avon and other offerings that cater to European and even Japanese sports cars. Along with the recognizable brands from the past, we've also developed our own brands, including Coker Classic, which was the world's first wide whitewall radial tire. Our brands cover all segments of the collector vehicle hobby, with more than 100 years of original fitments, and thousands of custom combinations.