Goodyear Power Cushion Redline | 775-15




This Goodyear Power Cushion 775-15 bias ply tire serves a very specific purpose as the original equipment on 1967 Chevrolet Corvette. Goodyear produced this tire with a .350-inch Red Stripe, and the 775-15 sizing is perfect for the second generation Corvette. This was a one year option in this size, but Corvettes would continue to have redline tires in the later F70-15 sizing.
Tire Series Power Cushion
Brand Goodyear
SKU 311036
Product Size 775-15
Tire Construction Bias Ply
Sidewall Style Redline
Width Bias Ply 7.75
Rim Diameter (in) 15
Overall Diameter (in) 26.27
Circumference (in) 82.5
Section Width (in) 7.7
Rim Width (in) 5.5 - 6.0
Max Load Capacity 1490 lbs. @ 32 psi
Revolutions per mile 767
Construction Ply 2 PLY NYLON
Goodyear Power Cushion Redline | 775-15
Goodyear Power Cushion Redline | 775-15

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