Sidewall Styles

Sidewall Styles

Tires are a great way to give your car or truck the style and attitude it needs. For some car enthusiasts, tires are simply a tool implemented to allow you to get from point A to B. Some enthusiasts are fine with whatever they can find at the local department store on sale, as long as it’s round and made of rubber. If you’re shopping on our website, we know that you’re not just “some car enthusiast”. You’re dedicated to making your classic car, truck or motorcycle the best it can possibly be, down to every detail. Tires and wheels are a big part of that process.


We're All About Style

From factory-correct vintage styling to a period correct hot rodder's dream, Coker Tire Company features hundreds of styles, sizes and brands of special tires. Many of which are made in the original molds using modern materials and are DOT approved. We’re proud of our company’s heritage, and of our immense product lines that cover more than 100 years of the collector vehicle hobby.

Browse by style, application, sidewall, size to find the exact tire you need. Redlines, Black and White wall tires are just the tip of the iceberg for us—you’ll also find special tires for all types of vintage vehicles. Coker Tire also offers a huge selection of OE steel wheels, wire wheels and accessories, so shop around and feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions.