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1970s Classic Automobile Tires

Classic cars of the seventies have jumped into the fray, rapidly appreciating both in value and popularity. Coker Tire Company offers many tire fitments for the seventies classics including the popular BF Goodrich Radial T/A tires found on many of the passenger cars from that era.


Groovy Tires, Man

Additionally, Coker Tire offers many sizes and styles for full size classics, like Cadillac, Lincoln, Caprice and more. Narrow whitewalls, and special whitewall combinations are available for certain '70s cars, in both bias ply and radial construction. Alphanumeric sizing, such as L78-15 was common during the 1970 to 1979 era, and eventually transitioned into radial sizes like LR78-15. Later in the '70s, P-metric radial tires, such as the P235/75R15 became the norm. We have hundreds of 1970's classic car tires in stock and ready for the highway. Restorers and collectors depend on Coker Tire Company for authentic tires and wheels, and your classic from the seventies can too.