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Performance & Vintage Racing Tires

Coker Tire might be known for its whitewall tires, but its performance and racing division is a growing product line for hot rods, historic racers, as well as vintage Indy car racing and many other types of vintage race car applications. Some of the products in Coker's performance and race tire division are catered to all out racing, but many of them can be used on museum pieces, hot rods, gassers, rat rods and much more for a period correct look.

  1. 760-16 Firestone Indy Tire
    Firestone Indy Tire | 760-16
    Special Price $364.65 Regular Price $561.00
  2. 1200-15 Firestone Indy Tire
    Firestone Indy Tire | 1200-15
    Special Price $375.50 Regular Price $751.00
  3. 34x4.5 Firestone Indy Tire
    Firestone Indy Tire | 34x4.5
    Special Price $156.70 Regular Price $533.00

Old Race Cars Rule!

Coker Tire reproduces many popular vintage race tires, as well as exclusive North American distribution for Michelin Classic products such as the legendary TB Series. Many popular brands are offered in the performance and racing division, including Excelsior, Firestone Dragster cheater Slicks, Firestone Dirt Track tires, Pro-Trac performance tires and others. Some of the authentic offerings are DOT approved, while others are designed strictly for use on the race track.

Pro-Trac Tires

Pro-Trac tires were popular in the ‘70s because they were offered in many sizes to fit modified street machines and hot rods of the era. Let's say you bought a brand new '72 Camaro Z28, you'd head to your local speed shop and order a set of aftermarket wheels and Pro Trac tires to get the radical look with a combination of skinny front runners and wide tires out back. Then came the Pro Street era, when the front tires got skinnier and the rear tires got even wider. Pro Street cars are still very popular, so our front runners and super wide 33x21-15 Pro-Trac Street Pro 515/45-15. Day 2 muscle car restorations can make use of the Pro Trac tires, as additional size offerings provide fitments for many period correct muscle cars and hot rods. Pro Trac tires from Coker Tire are made in the USA and feature a bias ply construction with polyester/fiberglass cords.

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