Hot rods are an exercise in personal preference--there isn't a rule book, or a penalty for "getting it wrong". However, there are iconic hot rods that provide plenty of guidance, and most of them have one thing in common--Firestone tires. The brand is legendary, and it's often remembered as the tire of choice for Indy racing, NASCAR racing, dirt track racing and drag racing. There is little doubt that Firestone tires offer the right amount of vintage style for a traditional hot rod. We offer a great example of the Firestone affect with a 1932 Ford three-window coupe that stopped by our Chattanooga, Tennessee facility this week. The owners had recently bought the car, and their very first modification involved swapping tires and wheels to something more traditional. Although it took a bit of measuring and studying to determine the right size, we whipped up a killer combination with Firestone tires and Rocket Racing wheels for their newly acquired coupe. Keep reading to find out more! Firestone Tires The coupe rolled into our parking lot on a set of 15x6 and 15x8-inch Smoothie steel wheels, mated to a set of worn out generic blackwall radial tires. Nothing says "yawn" like a set of Walmart radial tires on an otherwise cool hot rod. The owners wanted more of a big-n-little look to give the car an aggressive stance, replacing the 195/60R15 and 275/60R15 tires. We love the looks of the red steel wheels, but the owners wanted something a little different, so we helped them decide the appropriate-sized Firestone tires, while they selected from our wide range of options from Rocket Racing Wheels. We helped them measure the current wheel width and backspacing, to make sure the new combination would fit properly, without any chance of rubbing. Firestone Tires The final decision came down to a set of Firestone tires, sized at 5.60-15 up front and mounted to a pair of 15x4.5-inch Rocket Injector wheels. Out back, they went with our new Firestone Dirt Track 11.00-15 tires, wrapped around a pair of 15x10-inch Rocket Injectors. They also opted for a set of Rocket's three-bar Knock-Off center caps, chrome valve stems and a new set of chrome lug nuts. The Rocket Injector wheels are available with multiple backspacing options, and we went with the 3-inch backspacing to get the tires a little further away from the body. We mounted and balanced them at no charge, which is a service that we offer ALL customers who buy tires and wheels together. After a few minutes with an impact wrench, the 1932 Ford coupe had a new personality that is undeniably cool. Take a look at our before and after pictures of this hot rod, and see how a simple tire and wheel swap took it from ordinary to awesome in a matter of minutes! Firestone Tires Firestone Tires Firestone Tires Firestone Tires And now for photos after the transformation from generic blackwall tires and steelies to a set of our Firestone tires and Rocket Racing wheels. Take a good look and compare to the "before" pictures...kinda makes you think doesn't it? If your hot rod needs new tires, give us a call at 1-866-516-3215 or search all of our brands, sizes and styles at Firestone Tires Firestone Tires Firestone Tires Firestone Tires Firestone Tires [caption id="attachment_8151" align="alignleft" width="780"]Firestone Tires Now it's time to hit the road in this awesome 1932 Ford coupe with its new Firestone tires and Rocket Injector wheels![/caption]