140523_Cadillac_0025 A Cadillac, especially a beautiful black 1947 sedan, deserves a good set of whitewall tires. But not just any whitewall tires will fit the bill--this one is rolling on a set of our brand new American Classic bias look radials, sized at 8.20-15. These tires have the right look for a period correct restoration, hot rod or custom, as the narrow tread profile and piecrust shoulder offer the vintage appearance of a bias ply tire. Combine this with radial construction and you have the best of both worlds. These tires are available in nine sizes, in whitewall and blackwall configurations. Get yours now! This particular Caddy is one of Corky's barn find specials, and it's a perfect use of our new tires. Check it out, and be sure to watch the video to see this car's restoration. 140523_Cadillac_0058 140523_Cadillac_0112 140523_Cadillac_0073 140523_Cadillac_0080 140523_Cadillac_0064 140523_Cadillac_0124 140523_Cadillac_0031 [products]