The 2016 Coker Tire Challenge Kicks Off!
The Coker Tire Challenge is an annual vintage car rally right here in Chattanooga, Tennessee. We host it and offer folks the opportunity to participate in a time, speed, endurance rally like the Great Race, but at a much more casual and affordable level. This year, we have a record turnout, with 52 entries, and it is our 11th year doing it--we typically average a little over 40 cars. We're excited about the 2016 event, and we're so glad to see all the familiar faces from the Great Race and previous Coker Tire Challenge events, as well as the fresh faces of the rookie teams. Today's activities included registration and tech inspection, as well as some practice runs and a kickoff banquet in Corky's museum. We'll be bringing you daily recaps of the action, so stay tuned to the blog, and follow our Instagram and Facebook page to see even more content! 160915_ctc_0009 14370116_10153988831567992_6522883880236261077_n 160915_ctc_0004 14358985_10153988885277992_5240639519613475497_n 160915_ctc_0005 160915_ctc_0016 160915_ctc_0023 160915_ctc_0031