Ahh, what a great day for a drive! Ok, so it a little warm and the sun was harsh, but a BAD day on the Coker Tire Challenge is better than a GOOD day at work! We started our day at the Coker Tire headquarters, and headed into Alabama for a big day of rallying through the hills. We saw all sorts of terrain, from less-than-perfect backroads to smooth highways as we headed into lunch in Huntsville, Alabama. The afternoon route offered lots of hills and mountain grades, with the destination of Corky Coker's house for a beautiful dinner reception at the farm. We had a blast today, and grabbed some cool picture along the way. With a record turnout at the 2016 Coker Tire Challenge event, it was hard to capture them all, but we'll get a second chance tomorrow as the race continues on. Enjoy! 160916_ctc_0027 160916_ctc_0046 160916_ctc_0031 160916_ctc_0043 160916_ctc_0097 160916_ctc_0107 160916_ctc_0052 160916_ctc_0137 160916_ctc_0149 160916_ctc_0229 160916_ctc_0143 160916_ctc_0207 160916_ctc_0155 160916_ctc_0182 160916_ctc_0238 160916_ctc_0242 160916_ctc_0256 160916_ctc_0260 160916_ctc_0299 160916_ctc_0272 160916_ctc_0284 160916_ctc_0262 160916_ctc_0275 160916_ctc_0319 160916_ctc_0326 160916_ctc_0328 160916_ctc_0342 160916_ctc_0336 160916_ctc_0343 160916_ctc_0346 160916_ctc_0347