141105_SEMA_0256 It's been said that car guys and girls who work in the automotive aftermarket have the best jobs in the world. And it's true! We surround ourselves with awesome people each and every day, but the SEMA Show is like sensory overload. We're shaking hands, talking business, drooling over cool cars, and having a good time doing it. Today, we had a great time covering the event, and hung out with a lot of cool people...like Rutledge Wood. Stay tuned for a full blog feature and video feature on his Plymouth station wagon, which rolls on whitewalls from Coker Tire! For now, check out today's highlights, and be sure to watch our Facebook and Instagram feed for up-to-the-minute posts! The calm before the storm... 141105_SEMA_0182 How 'bout this Kia Soul ice cream "truck" with a set of our BFGoodrich Silvertown 225/55R17 whitewalls mounted to Wheel Vintiques NuRodder Smoothie wheels. 141105_SEMA_0195 Firestone Deluxe Champion looks awesome on this chopper! 141105_SEMA_0197 Rutledge Wood's Plymouth wagon with BFGoodrich 215/65R16 whitewall radials. 141105_SEMA_0216 This Alloway-built Porsche is super slick and rolls on our Michelin XZX radials. 141105_SEMA_0267 141105_SEMA_0250 141105_SEMA_0262 141105_SEMA_0275 141105_SEMA_0265 141105_SEMA_0264 141105_SEMA_0234 141105_SEMA_0242