140815_Corvair_0022 You know it's a special day in the office when the front parking lot is filled with Chevy Corvairs! These little cars offered a lot of "firsts" for American auto manufacturing, with production starting in 1960, and lasting through 1969. Corvairs feature an aluminum, air cooled engine, which is placed in the rear of the vehicle, and it features a lightweight unibody chassis, which helped provide great fuel economy and performance. These cars are certainly not your average classic car, so having more than 20 of them stuffed into our parking lot was beyond cool! We had convertibles, coupes, station wagons, and even had a couple of Corviar trucks on hand for a tour. There was even a Corvair with a small block Chevy crammed in the back seat! The group is part of the Choo Choo Corvairs, a local club that holds an annual show at the Chattanooga Choo Choo. We're glad they decided to stop by and tour our facility...and we hope they saw that we carry a wide variety of tire to fit their distinct classics! 140815_Corvair_0002 140815_Corvair_0005 140815_Corvair_0004 140815_Corvair_0010 140815_Corvair_0007 140815_Corvair_0017 140815_Corvair_0014 140815_Corvair_0003 [products]