140623_GR14_2107 Everyday of the 2014 Hemmings Motor News Great Race presented by Hagerty, we go a little further south. Today, we covered some major ground, as our day started in New York state and ended in Southeast Pennsylvania. Even as we motivate South, we know we're still up north because of the distinct countryside, Northeastern style barns and covered bridges. We're also still dealing with a lot of impatient drivers! Team Coker had a decent day, with a 9th place finish for Greg and Vernon Cunningham in the GR3 '32 Ford pickup, and 18th place for Karen Stumb and Whitney Brown in the cute Corvair convertible. Our lunch stop in East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania was great, as we scarfed down some awesome cafeteria food (no seriously, it was a great meal!) and then our evening stop took place at the Valley Forge Casino Resort. Stay tuned for more updates! 140623_GR14_2156 140623_GR14_2150 140623_GR14_2301 140623_GR14_2317 140623_GR14_2419 140623_GR14_2508 140623_GR14_2550 140623_GR14_2665