You know we love a good Barn Find, and they don't get much better than a 1954 Corvette Barn Find. This one is a real deal survivor, parked in 1964 and stored for more than 50 years. This jewel showed up at our doorstep earlier this week, and we just couldn't stop marveling at the completeness of the car. Sure, many parts of the car were in need of restoration, but then you'd mask the originality with shiny paint and chrome plated finishes. As it is now, this barn find is a piece of automotive history, and preservation versus restoration would be a delicate balance. With the incredible documentation that came with the car, the new owner plans on leaving it in "as found" condition, aside from getting it running, cleaned up and of course, putting some new tires on it! Epic 1954 Corvette Barn Find The new owner of this epic barn find was towing it home to Georgia, and stopped to ask us about tires on his way through Chattanooga. The car had a set of Allstate bias ply whitewall tires on it. This was a brand that was available at Sears retailers in the 1950s and 1960s, and it was a very popular tire at the time. The new owner wanted something more original for the car, and found that the original spare tire was in use on the left front. It is a U.S. Royal 6.70-15 blackwall tire, so he's still on the fence, deciding between U.S. Royal 6.70-15 wide whitewall tires or blackwall tires. The whitewalls offer the classic looks of this iconic 1950s American sports car, even though the blackwall tires may be more correct for the build. How would you handle this tire decision, and what would you do with this beautiful barn find? If you're restoring a classic Corvette, then look no further than Coker Tire for authentic Corvette tires. We offer the original style bias ply tires, for maximum points on the NCRS judging guidelines, and we also offer radial tires with the classic looks of a whitewall, redline, gold line, white pinstripe or black sidewall. With authentic brands such as Firestone, B.F. Goodrich, U.S. Royal and more, Coker Tire is the leading source for Corvette tires!