We love getting phone calls and emails from our happy customers. It's one of the most rewarding parts of our job, besides knowing that we're keeping collector vehicles on the road with high quality tires and wheels. Lately, we've gotten quite a few pictures of cars and trucks that are now wearing a set of our tires, and we wanted to pass them along to you. Buying authentic tires for a collector vehicle can be a tough decision. Even within our product ranges, there are typically a few choices for any given make or model, so having some expert guidance goes a long way. That's why our team of Sales Representatives are waiting for your call--we can help with tire fitment, brand selection and additional accessories to make your collector vehicle really stand out. We realize that tires and wheels are expensive, and you don't want to take a chance with that type of investment. Listed below are just a few of our most recent customer submitted photos from folks who took the advice of our tire experts and wanted to show off the finished product. If you're in the market for new tires and wheels, give us a call at (866) 516-3215 or check out our full selection on www.cokertire.com. Ford Mustang happy customers Ty Kernea sent us this picture of his beautifully restored Ford Mustang, which is sitting on a set of our U.S. Royal 695-14 narrow whitewall tires. This the original size for Ty's Mustang, and U.S. Royal was one of the original equipment brands for Ford in the 1960's. This tire features the authentic bias ply construction, which is perfect for a restored original car. Here's what Ty had to say: "I wanted to send you a shot of my baby with those new tires. They are just freaking awesome and took her to a whole new level of beauty. I'm so glad that I spent the money on them. I love how they fill up the wheel wells. They really ride great as well. Thanks again for all of your help!" 1958 Ford happy customers Brad Notter is loving his new set of American Classic bias look radial tires on a rare classic Ford. Here's what he had to say: "Love the new American Classic Bias Look Radial Whitewall tires on my 1958 Ford Skyliner. Went from Coker Bias Ply tires to these radials and the car drives like a completely different machine. Great ride and handling on the highway!" 1966 Plymouth Barracuda happy customers Jerry Johnson is next on the list, and his 1966 Plymouth Barracuda recently received a brand new look, thanks to a set of redline tires and Mopar Rallye wheels. Keep in mind that we stock all sorts of accessories for tires and wheels, so Jerry was able to fully outfit his Mopar with new trim rings, center caps and valve stems. Also remember that any time you buy tires and wheels together, we will mount and balance them for FREE! Here's what Jerry had to say: "Here is how the Barracuda turned out with the wheels and tires I ordered a few weeks ago. They really helped set this car off! Thanks for your assistance on this project." 1958 Chevrolet Biscayne happy customers Dean Teaster sent us a few pictures of his immaculate 1958 Chevrolet Biscayne, which is now sporting a set of our 800R14 American Classic Bias Look Radial whitewall tires. We love the looks of the Bel Air and Biscayne from this era, because they represent the "workin' man's" car, compared to the more "fancy" Impala with miles of chrome trim. Check out this beautiful machine! Ford F100 truck happy customers David Hernandez from California sent us a few pictures of his immaculate Ford F100, which just got a set of BFGoodrich Silvertown radial whitewall tires and steel wheels. The classic lines of these trucks make them extremely popular, and David made it pop even more with the wide whites and black steelies. Very nice! 1964 Corvette happy customers Last but not least, we have one of our own employees, Tommy Lee Byrd with his 1964 Corvette coupe. This certainly isn't a car that purists love, because it's been a hot rod its whole life. Tommy Lee is one of our marketing guys and uses Coker products on all of his project cars. This one features Firestone 5.60-15 bias ply front tires, mounted to Rocket Strike 15x4.5 As Cast front runners, with M&H Racemaster Vintage Series 9.00-15 slicks and 15x6-inch OE Steel wheels out back. Brainerd Motorsports Park track photographer, Jason Cole grabbed this photo of the Corvette launching.