150624_GR_0194 It's starting to heat up on the 2015 Hemmings Motor News Great Race presented by Hagerty, and we mean that in a couple different ways. It's heating up in the sense that the competition got a huge shake up with a very challenging route with lots of opportunities for mistakes, and it's also heating up in terms of the temperature. We're sure the next couple days will be scorching hot, as we spend two full days in Arizona. This morning's scenery wasn't outstanding, but we made up for it in the afternoon with big mountain scenes and beautiful canyons. Lunch was hosted at the Unser Racing Museum, which covered many eras of the Unser family of racing and offered an excellent venue for a big crowd of spectators. Our hosted evening stop in Gallup, New Mexico was also a packed out stop, and we enjoyed coming through town on Historic Route 66, seeing all the cool vintage signs. Check out our highlights from the day! 150624_GR_0008 150624_GR_0096 150624_GR_0357 150624_GR_0367 150624_GR_0380 150624_GR_0458 150624_GR_0495 150624_GR_0572 150624_GR_0603