Tire and Wheel Accessories Here at Coker Tire, we have a lot of customers who opt for the complete tire and wheel package when it's time to put new shoes on their collector vehicle. It's a great value and it ensures the customer the trueness and perfect balance that we can achieve when combining a new tire with a new wheel. We also offer authentic accessories, such as hubcaps, trim rings and even lug nuts! That means you can complete the tire and wheel package, and give your collector vehicle the right look. Tire and Wheel Accessories Since "Coker Tire" is our name, some folks forget about the fact that we have so many wheel options for restored classics, hot rods and muscle cars. Some of our wheels require a very specific hubcap or trim ring, while others, such as the Chevy Rallye, Hot Rod Steel and Smoothie accept a number of different cap options. Whether you want the utmost authenticity or a custom creation all your own, we have a huge selection of products. We can also assist in making sure you're getting the correct equipment for your car. You may be restoring a '66 Pontiac GTO and have a question regarding the finish of the center cap....we can help! If you can't find the information you need on our website, feel free to give us a call toll free at 1-800-251-6336 and one of our experts will assist you. If you're restoring or even modifying a vintage car, you need to finish it off with high quality accessories from Coker! [products]