We say it often, but the worst thing you can do to preserve a collector vehicle is to let it sit. But sometimes, it's hard to make sense of driving an old car year-round, especially when the climate doesn't cooperate for a few months out of the year. We've always suggested that folks jack up their car to relieve some of the weight off of the tires, which keeps them from developing flat spots. You may also try parking the car on small squares of carpet, so that the concrete floor doesn't put so much stress on a single area of the tire. If you've never experienced flat spots, it's simply a flattened out spot in an otherwise round tire. This causes a vibration that is sometimes severe enough to justify buying new tires. Bias ply tires and radial tires are susceptible to flat spotting, but radials sometimes have a hard time recovering due to the rigidity of the steel belt that rides beneath the tread surface. [products] We're proud to announce a new product offered by Coker Tire--they're called FlatStoppers and they're manufactured by Race Ramps. You simply drive your car or truck onto these small ramps, and the shape of the ramps allows the weight to be evenly distributed to prevent flat spots. We offer FlatStoppers in two different sizes (10 inch wide and 14 inch wide) and these are the perfect addition to any car guy's garage. Say goodbye to flat spots with FlatStoppers, available from Coker Tire! [caption id="attachment_7174" align="alignleft" width="780"]flat spots FlatStoppers are available in two sizes to fit your collector vehicle and prevent flat spots on your tires![/caption]