Cragar Wheels Now Available at Coker Tire

Cragar Wheels from Coker TireCragar Wheels from Coker Tire

Cragar wheels are the perfect fit for your muscle car, hot rod or classic truck, and Coker Tire is proud to add them to our already extensive line of authentic tires and wheels. Specifically, we are carrying Cragar S/S Series 61C wheels, which features the iconic five-spoke design with a show-quality chrome finish. These wheels feature a direct drilled bolt pattern, making installation easy!

The Cragar S/S wheel was introduced in 1964, giving hot rodders an alternative to magnesium racing wheels and factory-style steel wheels. With nearly 60 years of heritage, the Cragar S/S wheel continues to be a popular option.

Cragar builds these wheels using a cast aluminum center with steel lugs built in. Those lugs are welded to a steel rim for a super strong design, compared to other aftermarket wheels.

Even though the wheels have never been extremely light, they have been a popular choice for drag racing. They rolled beneath thousands of Super Stock drag cars, Gassers and even a few Funny Cars back in the 1960's and 1970's. With pictures plastered all over Hot Rod Magazine (and other influential car magazines of the day), people wanted to replicate that awesome appearance on their street car. 

The show-quality chrome finish gives it a great appearance and offers super easy clean-up compared to the constant polishing of aluminum or magnesium wheels. 



Cragar S/S wheel and BFG tireCragar S/S wheel and BFG tire
15x8 Cragar S/S Wheel15x8 Cragar S/S Wheel

The Cragar S/S Series 61C is available in a wide variety of sizes to fit classic cars, hot rods, muscle cars and trucks. Sizes range from 15x4.5-inch front runners to giant 15x14-inch rears, which many popular sizes like 15x8 in between.

Additionally, the Series 61C product line features three 17-inch sizes, for enthusiasts who want the old school style with more modern tire fitment options. There is even a six-lug version that fits many truck applications!

17x8 Cragar S/S wheel17x8 Cragar S/S wheel

Direct Drilled Bolt Pattern (no more Uni-Lug!)

Direct Drilled bolt pattern with conical lug nut seatsDirect Drilled bolt pattern with conical lug nut seats

For many years, Cragar wheels were only available in Uni-Lug configuration, meaning that the lug hole featured an oval shape. This allowed fitment for 5x4.5, 5x4.75 and 5x5 bolt patterns, depending on the orientation of the eccentric washers. These washers and shank style lug nuts made installation a little tricky. While Cragar does still produce Uni-Lug wheels, we chose to give you the very best option, by sticking with the Series 61C, which features a direct drilled bolt pattern. Coker Tire offers Cragar S/S wheels with the following patterns: 5x4, 5x4.5, 5x4.75, 5x5, 5x5.5 and 6x5.5.

Dodge Coronet with Cragar WheelsDodge Coronet with Cragar Wheels

Cragar S/S Front Runners

Since Cragar S/S wheels were made popular by drag cars, it's only natural that a narrow front runner wheel is part of this iconic product line. The Cragar Series 61C includes a 15x4.5-inch size, which is perfect for the front of a hot rod, T-Bucket or modified muscle car. 

You may notice that the wheel has a slightly different appearance than the rest of the Series 61C product line. That is because the 15x4.5 wheel has a center used from a discontinued 14-inch design. This smaller center requires a deeper drop center in the rim, giving it a unique look.

Additionally, the Cragar front runners require a shank style lug nut with a standard round washer. It does not accept a conical-seat lug nut.

Cragar S/S front runner wheelCragar S/S front runner wheel
1955 Chevrolet with Cragar Wheels1955 Chevrolet with Cragar Wheels

All About Stance!

Several factors play into a vehicle's stance, but tires and wheels are a crucial component. We offer many tire and wheel size combinations that allow you to mix and match until you dial in the stance to your liking. This 1955 Chevrolet features a 1970's street machine vibe, using 15x10's and Pro Trac N50-15 tires on the rear, and skinny Cragars with Pro Trac 560-15's up front. The options are endless, and the choice is up to you!

Tire & Wheel Combo Packages

Coker Tire is proud to include Cragar S/S wheels in our existing tire and wheel combo promotion. Just imagine these timeless Cragar S/S wheel mounted to a set of our Firestone Wide Oval tires, or the tried-and-true BFGoodrich Radial T/A...or if you want to be 100 percent period correct to the street machine days, you can go with our Pro Trac bias ply tires. Regardless of your choice, any time you buy a complete set of tires and wheels, we will mount and balance them for FREE! There are several advantages...the first being the money you'll save (more than $100). Second, you'll get nitrogen inflation and the extreme level of care that only a classic car tire expert can provide. The third advantage? You can simply bolt on your new tires and wheels, and hit the road! There's nothing quite like the instant gratification of a cool tire and wheel swap.

Cragar Wheels LogoCragar Wheels Logo