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It's hard to believe the Roaring '20s was 100 years ago. During this time frame, the United States was in the midst of a roller coaster ride that would ultimately lead to the Great Depression, but times were good for a decade or so. During this period of growth, Henry Ford capitalized on his previous successes. The Model T had a nice long run, and Ford Motor Company nailed the timing of the new and improved Ford Model A. Taking detatils that came from the final years of Model T production and improving upon them set the Model A apart from the competition. Sure, there were luxurious cars with high end features but the Model A hit a price point that most folks could afford during that time, so it was the perfect balance of practicality and modern features. It truly set the standard for all other manufacturers.

1931 Ford Model A with Firestone Bias Ply Whitewall Tires1931 Ford Model A with Firestone Bias Ply Whitewall Tires
1931 Ford Model A with Firestone Bias Ply Whitewall Tires

When Ford introduced the Model A in the 1928 model year, it made an effort to improve upon the Model T platform, which made for a better driving, better performing machine. They were popular, and Ford sold millions of them, so this make and model became a viable market for automobile restorers, beginning in the 1950's and it continues to be a popular platform to this day. The styling wasn’t as rudimentary as the earlier Fords, but it was simple enough to stand the test of time, so the Model A has proven to be a favorite among automotive enthusiasts of all ages. Even in stock form, the four-cylinder engine offers plenty of power, and the transmission and other mechanical bits are simple to operate, compared to other cars of the era.

Ford Model A Hot Rods

Model A hot rodModel A hot rod
This heavily chopped Model A highboy features a set of 16-inch steel wheels and Excelsior radial tires.

The Ford Model A also struck a chord with hot rodders in the 1950's, as it was a plentiful and affordable platform for customization. Hot rodders would remove the fenders and running boards, and often remove the hood for weight reduction, but it also created a timeless look that people are still replicating today. The Model A became a hot rod icon, and continues to serve as a blank canvas for custom builders around the world. Whether you have a roadster, coupe or sedan, the Model A offers numerous options for build styles. It's popular to replace the original frame with a 1932 Ford frame for better suspension and engine fitment.

What's Your Style?

One of the biggest reasons that the Model A became so popular was the unbelievable versatility of the platform. You could choose from (literally) three dozen body styles ranging from a simple Coupe to the posh Town Car, and literally just about anything you could imagine in between. All of this on an affordable mass-produced platform took Henry's Model T success to an entirely new level.

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Model A Ford Tires

Coker Tire Company realized the demand for authentic replacement tires for the Ford Model A, and began producing genuine Firestone bias ply tires from the original molds. Coker Tire also offers Model A tires in other brands, such as BFGoodrich and Excelsior, all of which feature a bias ply construction with authentic tread patterns. Each brand features sizes for early 1928 and 1929 Ford Model A wheels (21-inch diameter) and later 1930 and 1931 Ford Model A wheels (19-inch diameter). A variety of whitewall widths are available to fit 19-inch wheels, ranging from 2-5/8 inches to 4-3/4 inches and blackwall versions are also available from Coker. For 21-inch wheels, whitewall widths vary from 2-3/8 inches to 3-1/2 inches.

Firestone Model A Ford tireFirestone Model A Ford tire
Firestone 475/500-19 Wide Whitewall Tire
Excelsior Stahl Sport radial tire for Model A FordExcelsior Stahl Sport radial tire for Model A Ford
Excelsior Stahl Sport Radial 500R19
American Classic Model A tireAmerican Classic Model A tire
American Classic Model A+ Radial 475/500R19

Model A bias look radial tiresModel A bias look radial tires

For Model A owners who want to get out and drive their cars with the added comfort and safety of a radial tire, we offer two great options. We offer an Excelsior Stahl Sport Radial in compatible Model A sizes. These tires feature a vintage European tread design and the proper profile for fitment on original Model A wheels. Our most recent product launch for Model A is the American Classic Model A Radial, a tire that looks just like a vintage bias ply tire, but features modern radial construction. This tire is available to fit 19 and 21 inch wheels, and is available in wide whitewall and black sidewall. For hot rodders, the door is wide open for tire and wheel options. You can mix and match to create the perfect hot rod stance, like the example below. 

Model A street rodModel A street rod
This Model A street rod features bright red steel wheels and staggered BFGoodrich whitewall tires.

Model A Ford Wire Wheels

We also offer a line of Model A wheels to replace bent or rusted originals. They are built in the original sizes (19x3 and 21x3) and we offer them in six factory-style colors.  We offer them in original style welded spoke, or new adjustable spoke wheels.

You can pick up a set of center caps while you’re at it. Coker Tire also carries the correct tubes and hardware for your Model A.

Without a doubt, Coker Tire is a leading source for Model A tires and wheels. Ask one of Coker's Tire Expert about free mount and balance when you purchase tires and wheels together. That's more than a $100 value, plus the assurance of knowing that a true vintage tire and wheel expert handled the job with care.

Model A Ford wire wheelsModel A Ford wire wheels
Coker Tire Company Extended Tire ProtectionCoker Tire Company Extended Tire Protection

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