Center Caps -- Measure Twice, Buy Once!
Center CapsCenter caps are often used on collector vehicle wheels, whether it's a restored stocker or a highly customized hot rod. Some folks prefer the looks of a full wheel cover, but the small "dog dish" center cap is quite popular on our Smoothie, Hot Rod Steel, O.E. wheels and more. It's also a growing trend in the muscle car market, as the plain jane looks of a car with regular steel wheels and dog dish caps draws more attention than a car with more stylish wheel designs. Think about the cool appearance of the COPO Camaro, A12-code Road Runners, and other muscle cars that came with big time horsepower, but skipped on the decorative items, like chrome wheels and other accessories. Car enthusiasts are replicating the timeless look, and we have many original and alternative wheel sizes for many hot rod, custom and muscle car applications. In addition to wheels, we offer center caps in many different designs and sizes to fit all of the various wheels that we sell, so the numerous sizes can be a bit confusing if you don't know the exact cap that you need. Using a "Baby Moon" center cap as an example, we offer it to fit our Hot Rod Steel, Smoothie, Chevy Rallye, Mopar Standard, O.E. Style Ford-GM and O.E. Style VW wheels, and all of these wheels feature different center cap fitments. Even though the cap may look the same in the photograph on our website, be sure to take note of the diameter of the cap, as that plays into the fitment. We do our best to spell it out, but we suggest putting a tape measure on your wheels before you buy the center caps, just to be sure. The best bet is to buy your wheels and caps together, but even then, it can be confusing. We have assembled a group of photos to show the measurements of each wheel design, and we'll continue to tune our website to make it easy for you to match the correct center cap with your wheel design. Do your homework and you'll get the right caps for your ride. [caption id="attachment_7891" align="alignleft" width="780"]Center Caps Our Hot Rod Wire wheels are modeled after '30s Ford wheels, and feature center cap fitment for 1932 through 1935 Ford passenger cars. These wheels accept original Ford caps, or our reproduction center caps that have a 5-3/4-inch back diameter. Note that the wheel does not have retaining "nibs", as the caps are manufactured with retainers built in. Click here for center caps to fit Hot Rod Wire wheels.[/caption] [caption id="attachment_7889" align="alignleft" width="780"]Center Caps Chevrolet Rallye wheels came onto the scene in 1967 and they've been used on millions of applications over the years. We see them on street rods, muscle cars and even classic trucks, and we sell them in a variety of sizes and bolt patterns. Our Chevy Rallye wheels accept original center caps, as well as our high quality reproductions that feature a 7-inch back diameter. Chevy Rallye wheels have cap retaining "nibs" on the inside of the hub area. Also note that 17- and 18-inch Smoothie wheels use a 7-inch center cap. Click here for center caps to fit Chevy Rallye Wheels.[/caption] [caption id="attachment_7894" align="alignleft" width="780"]Center Caps One of our most popular steel wheels is the Smoothie wheel, as it is available in numerous sizes. The Smoothie wheel does not accept any type of OE center caps, but we offer a wide variety of Ford, Chevrolet and generic cap designs that fit the 7.5-inch back diameter with "nibs" inside the hub area. Click here to see center caps to fit Smoothie Wheels.[/caption] [caption id="attachment_7887" align="alignleft" width="780"]Center Caps Artillery wheels share the same cap fitment as our Smoothie wheels. The cap fitment for Artillery wheels is 7.5-inches, measured from the inside of the inside nibs. Click here to see center caps to fit Artillery Wheels.[/caption] [caption id="attachment_7890" align="alignleft" width="780"]Center Caps Our Hot Rod Steel wheels are modeled after 1940 through 1948 wheels, and they are available in OE and custom sizes. Hot Rod Steel wheels and Solid steel wheel accept original Ford caps, as well as our reproduction caps that measure 8-1/4 inches on the back side and attach to retaining nibs inside the hub area of the wheel. Click here for center caps to fit Hot Rod Steel and Solid steel wheels.[/caption] [caption id="attachment_7892" align="alignleft" width="780"]Center Caps Mopar Standard wheels are very popular for Dodge, Chrysler and Plymouth muscle car applications, and feature a unique design. Our Mopar Standard wheels accept original dog dish style hubcaps, as well as our reproductions. Note the retaining nibs that are located on the outside of the hub area. Cap diameter for Mopar Standard and Police steel wheels is 8-3/4 inches. Click here for center caps to fit Mopar Standard and Chrysler Police wheels.[/caption] [caption id="attachment_7893" align="alignleft" width="780"]Center Caps O.E. Ford and O.E. GM wheels are used on 1949 through 1980's vehicles, and feature a variety of sizes in both primer and chrome plated finishes. Our O.E. steel wheels, O.E. Corvette wheels and O.E. Tri-Five wheels feature cap retaining nibs on the outside of the hub area, with a diameter of 10-1/8 inches. This allows for fitment of original Ford or GM dog dish center caps or our high quality reproductions. Click here for center caps to fit O.E. Ford and O.E. GM steel wheels.[/caption]