Today's adventures on the 2016 Hemmings Motor News Great Race presented by Hagerty featured a LONG route that included Highway 50, deemed the "Loneliest Road in America" and we can see why. It was a long stretch, and we often wondered what was on the other side of the it turns out, straightaway after straightaway took us completely out of civilization. Finally, we arrived in Austin, Nevada for lunch, and enjoyed a delicious tri-tip beef sandwich and plenty of treats from the local Girl Scouts troop. We also spent some time with a Nevada hot rodder with a beautiful '32 Ford roadster, rolling on a set of Firestones (450/475-16 and 750-16 in case you were wondering) and our Hot Rod Steel wheels. Moving on, we blasted across even more lonely terrain, on our way to an evening stop in Elko, Nevada. The Coker Tire team of Gary and Jean Ann Martin finished the day with a score of 8 seconds, putting them in a great position. Trust us when we say that having an 8 second day with such long runs and few maneuvers is TOUGH stuff! Good job Martins! The rookie team of Jessi Combs and Patrick McIntyre are learning the tricks of time, speed, endurance rallying, and wheeling the Bugatti in fine fashion. They are holding their own in a strong field of rookies. Check out some of our highlights from today! 160619_GR16_0079 160619_GR16_0125 160619_GR16_0140 160619_GR16_0169 160620_GR16_0449 160620_GR16_0537