Hot Rod Tire and Wheel Hot rods are cool because they're generally not cookie cutter builds that lack personality. Owners and builders can go as wild as they want, and part of getting the right look is the vehicle's stance. And a big part of the stance involves the tires and wheels. Sizing is key, so if you can dream it up, we can usually put together a tire and wheel package for your hot rod, custom or classic car. Read more to find out how we do it. The first advantage of buying a tire and wheel package from Coker Tire is the savings you'll receive from FREE mounting and balancing when you purchase a full set of tires and wheels together. It's a service to our customers that ensures the tires and wheels are handled properly, so you can bolt them on and hit the road. Another advantage is knowing the job was done correctly! Our technicians mount and balance tires for many applications, from million dollar classics to Volkswagen Beetles and everything in between. Hot Rod Tire and Wheel For hot rods, customs and gassers, tire and wheel balance is a hot topic, because the nature of a hot rod is blending various parts together to form something totally unique. This can sometimes create an ill-handling beast, but if the tires and wheels are right on the money, then that's one less thing to worry about! Hot Rod Tire and Wheel Our tire selection is one of the biggest in the world, so you have lots of choices when it comes to brands, styles and sizes. For the example pictured above, our customer requested pair of Firestone Deluxe Champion 5.60-15 front tires, and Firestone Dragster 10.00-15 cheater slicks for the rear. We are a distributor for Rocket Racing Wheels, and the customer chose the popular "mis-matched" nostalgia drag racing combination of Rocket Launcher 10-spoke front runners, and Rocket Injector rears. This sort of combination could also be assembled with any of our steel wheel or hot rod wire wheel options. Hot Rod Tire and Wheel