Whitewall Tire Storage It's always ideal when you can buy a set of tires and wheels for your collector vehicle and get the instant gratification of bolting them into place. However, it may not always work out that way, so being prepared to properly store your tires is a very important aspect of the tire's life span. All tires are susceptible to damage from extreme sunlight or extreme temperatures. That goes for the tires on your daily driver, your boat trailer, RV or even bicycles. Keeping tires in a cool, dry location is advised. There are some additional tips to storing tires with a special sidewall treatment, such as a whitewall, redline, etc. Most of our tires feature some sort of sidewall treatment, so listen up! Whitewall tires should never be leaned against each other or stacked up without a protective barrier (cardboard, plastic, etc.) between the black rubber and white rubber. That's why we take the time to wrap each and every whitewall tire that we sell. If black rubber comes in contact with any portion of the white or red rubber, it will create a stain that is almost impossible to remove. Whitewalls are the most sensitive, so we put warnings on all of our whitewall tires to keep our customers from stacking or leaning the tires against each other. Whitewall Tire Storage We put one of these stickers on each and every whitewall tire that we offer. It is very important stuff, so we stress it to our customers!