141104_SEMA_0018 Leading up to the SEMA Show, we always get the inside scoop on killer project cars. We had the opportunity to be a part of a very cool build that is on display in the Ford booth in Hot Rod Alley. The Ford booth is always a destination booth, and this year, there are a bunch of new-for-2015 Mustangs on hand with many custom treatments. The Watson Racing prepared Mustang has a drag racing theme, making north of 700 horsepower, thanks to a supercharged 5.0-liter engine. Our involvement with the project car was a set of M&H Racemaster DOT-approved drag radials, sized at 185/55R17 and 325/45R17. These tires will stick to the drag strip, and they're legal for the street, so it was the perfect combination for the new Mustang. Also, the huge brakes on these cars require at least a 17-inch wheel, so our M&H product line had 'em covered with radial tires for 17-inch front runner wheels, and sticky drag radials out back. Check it out! 141104_SEMA_0019 141104_SEMA_0012 141104_SEMA_0022