Corky Coker gives a tour to Glenn LozierJust finishing the great race, owner Corky Coker was surprised to find that a descendent of The Lozier family had contacted Coker Tire for information about one of Corky�s car. The car in question happened to be a 1909 model J Lozier, the only one of its make and model known in existence. The Lozier Motor Company was a Brass era producer of cars in the US. The company produced luxury automobiles from 1900 to 1915. Loziers were top line luxury cars and for a time were the most expensive cars produced in the United States. The Lozier was the first car to ever cross the finish line at the Indianapolis 500, but lost due to a technicality to the Marmon Wasp in 1911. Corky obtained the car from a close friend out west, outfitted it for the Great Race and drove it across the country with his son, Cameron. Mr. Glenn Lozier of Oregonia, OH drove all the way to Chattanooga just to see the famous car. After arriving with Eva Richmond also of Oregonia, the two were given a tour of The Coker Tire Corporate Headquarters. Mr. Lozier was quite happy to see the Model J named for his family. Coker Tire was happy to show Mr. Lozier around and wishes him the best.

Mr. Lozier takes a look at Corky's 1910 NybergMr Lozier takes a look at the history of the Model J Corky shows Mr. Lozier the engine of the model JCorky with Mr Lozier and Miss Richmond in front of the Model J