Code name GR 3 is the new Honest/Coker 32 Ford roadster pick up, and it was just finished Saturday morning by Greg Cunningham, Mike Goodman, Delton and Jim Scott, Keith Brown and Andrew Givens. David Turner came to touch up clean up his fine "bare metal paint job". The Kyle Wilson upholstered seats are really fine too! We loaded our unproven, just finished GR3 in the Featherlite gooseneck and headed west to Rogers, Arkansas. Our 700 mile transit got us in to Rogers, Arkansas about midnight. Sunday morning saw great sunshine and lots of Great Race friends,...only this is the VCRA which is the Vintage Car Rally Association started by Rex Gardner and others. It is great to see old friends and make new ones. A number of the Great Race grand champions are here. Gary and Scott Kuck,Teeter and McKone, Bobby Hadsky and G R Pike, Reeder and Stone and of course my new navigator, Greg Cunningham. The Rally is organized well and spirits are high to have a great time! The Hemmings Challenge 2008 Our new truck did very well today. Original 32 Ford steering sector now appears to be fine after Honest Mike Goodman expert adjustments. GR3 appeared to be the talk of the rally. All seem to like the stance, the bare metal, the extended cab and of course the tires as we all know that it is "all about the tires" !!!! Team Mom, Ms Theresa saved our patookskas with our forgotten essentials she says it..."Mom's the bomb!" Greg and I rallied well together. This is the first time I have rallied with someone other than Theresa in a long while. Greg does great, but I did miss getting to kiss the navigator when we get a good score though! Oh yeah, we had a 4, 3, 1, and a 1 for an age factored 6 second day to place 9 out of about 60 cars. Greg and I both feel good about the day since it was our very first time rallying together not to mention the very first time GR3 was on the road. We know where 3 seconds of the 6 came from so, here we go! 5 days of rallying in the Hemmings VCRA rally here in Arkansas! Until later! From the road, Corky For Pictures of the entire build visit the gallery !