If you are a car guy or gal, you have more than likely seen the coverage SPEED TV does of the Barrett-Jackson Auction in Scottsdale in January. Barrett-Jackson is certainly a superlative concerning collector vehicle auctions, but in all fairness to my friends Craig and Nellie Jackson, there are a few other cool auctions in Scottsdale the same week. Rob Myers and crew (RMAuctions) put on a great auction at the Phoenix Biltmore. Drew and Josephine Alcazar are also big buddies with their Russo and Steele Auction. David Gooding does an excellent job with his Gooding and Company Auction too. I had the opportunity to make the rounds but was successful in resisting the temptation to buy something this year. I did like the 58 Packard Hawk super charged car at the RM auction though. It was probably one of the nicest Packard Hawks I had ever seen. Coker Tire had a display under the tent at the Barrett-Jackson Auction with Patrick Zambrano, Eric Hawkins and Jerry Priesel manning the booth. Our sales were brisk, but somewhat short of last years record sales sort of like BJ experienced at the auction block. There were some very serious cars at the Barrett Jackson auction. I especially enjoyed the Blastolene roadster which was tank engine powered similar to Leno's huge roadster. We were a little disappointed that the Blastolene roadster didn't bring as much as it could of....but my friend Ron Pratte got a good buy at a little north of $650 grand. I had dinner one night with a bunch of my hot rodder buddies at the Pink Pony Steak house in old town Scottsdale. It supposedly is one of the NFL training camp hang outs. It was pretty cool. It was good to see a bunch of my friends and have a steak together. I had the opportunity to spend some time on the Car and Driver radio show with my friends Alan Taylor and Dick Messer of the Petersen Museum on Saturday morning. It is always a good time at Barrett-Jackson. From the road, Corky Coker